Cory (jindewinter) wrote in dnd3e,

Well once again I am back to my routine of playing DnD Friday and Saturday nights :) Thought I give a little run through of what happened.

Friday Night: My Campaign
The players have just returned from a little side mission helping the local weapon smith obtain a rare ore for a weapon he is creating. Once back in town the high Chancellor contacts the group and assigns them an important mission. There are 7 outposts stationed all over the land that produce the evil taint that engulfs the land in shadows. If they can somehow destroy side outposts the land may begin to return to normal. So they raid Outpost 1, Ninja almost dies thanks to his player knowing nothing about playing a Ninja -.-, the kill the outpost master....well he killed himself with a really bad fumble -.-, so that is one outpost down. We stopped shortly after they reached the valley leading to the second one.

Saturday Night: Harry's Game
After being transported to another world is seemed with my character and the rest of the party having a huge case of amnesia we were brought to a town of kangaroo people O.o and told we were summoned to kill "outsiders" who are randomly attacking their town. They give us weapons and armor and send us on our way. When we arrive we find versions of ourselves standing in our way...with our normal weapons and equipment. So one at a time we fight our counterparts, everyone but Beth and I lose ^^. Though my victory did not come without a price....two daggers into my eyes so I am blind, but because I won I have my memories back and as a special added bonus I can see in a full 360 degrees (I am Neji from Naruto O.o) only thing is that I can only see life lol.
Tags: roleplaying stories

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