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Well last summer me and some friends tried to start a gaming group, which is when I joined this forum. I hadn't DMed in about 8 or 10 years. I never played (it went that it was my idea to play so I should be the DM with my original group. And hey only two of them had ever played out of 9 so...)

Well one of the group never showed when we were going to try and play. It got to be a pain in the ass. We eventually gave up.

A few months ago I loan my first DragonLance book to the 13 year old next door. She is not a reader but she liked my short story with a kender I wrote in college. She is absolutely hooked on the DL book. Last night she comes over to borrow the third in the series and we started talking about gaming. I showed her all my stuff (I still had my old stuff and the newer books when we tried to play last year). She loved all my dice and is interested in trying to play. So Friday we are taking her to Bookery Fantasy (the local gaming place here) to let her look at dice, figures, books, etc. She'll be overwhelmed. She's extremely excited and so am I because I'll have someone else to bug my husband to play (he doesn't get into it a lot) and just play in general.

It's nice when you can get someone into this at a young age because they will recruit people they know and then a new generation of gamers is born.


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