Andrew (_ogmios) wrote in dnd3e,

Two Questions...

Question number the first: Do any of you think that the bard class has been nerfed? It seems like it's a might underpowered to me, but I can't put my finger on exactly why. It jsut seems that, when compared to other classes, the abilities are lacking. Opinions?

Question number the second: Synergies and feats that give you bonuses to things... Mostly the feats... Are they as pointelss as they seem to me? A plus two bonus to a skill or two, or even a saving throw, doesn't seem very worthwhile, especially in the face of things like Improved Initiative, NEcropolis-Born, and Spell hand are out there and up for grabs. Why would you settle for a paltry plus + to ride and handle animal with Animal Affinity when you can just buy a Military Saddle and spend the feat on ride-by attack, which is, you know, useful. I think that the bonuses should be increasted to at least +4 to make these feats worth taking. Opinions?
Tags: dm advice, feats, opinions, sage advice

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