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Heres something that I could use some ideas on:

In my tabletop game (I run FR setting), I have the time line set up where Bane has just returned. The temple of Bane is growing in power, though most of its followers and clerics are not quite ready to show themselves yet. The higher ups in the temple knew of Bane's fall before it was to happen, thanks to a direct message from Bane and or his upper echelon of minions (That point is really moot as to how they were told), but the high clerics of his temples knew.

Bane had pieces of his essence put in a dozen vials (scrollcases really) and scattered over the many lands of FR.  The purpose of this was to keep him "alive" while he was in hibernation (for lack of better terms) until he could regrow in power, or infest a mortal and rise up to godhood like Mystra. The tubes are sentient, with each offering certain benefits for their holders; immune to disease, control over undead, ability to influence negative emotions (like anger or hate) as well as some other effects, but each tube is different in its ability and powers. So no two tubes offer the same powers or give the same benefits.

I dont need ideas on the tubes or what they do, that much is already set down and after much deliberation, have settled on their areas of powers. Here's my area of ponderance:

Bane has returned. He would like to have his vials back, as it would make him stronger. The catch is, he doesnt know where they are. The people that they were entrusted to have either been killed or have had the items stolen from them. The group that I run is going after one of these tubes, after working for months (in game time) putting together rumors, hunting down previous owners etc...is starting to embark on the journey that will (hopefully if they make it) lead them a several very nasty battles before the final battle to reclaim only their first tube.

(Reason why Bane cant find his tubes, Oghma has deemed that while Bane's idea to spread the vials was ingenious, he will have to rely upon his followers to use their own ideas to retrieve their god's own essence. Tyr keeps Bane from using his powers as Tyr is the diety of fairness and [in partnership with other dieties] has made it very clear to the newly returned Bane, use your powers in this and you will be destroyed utterly, do not use your powers and you will be allowed to reap whatever benefit your followers can give you with the recovery of these tubes)

I only have vague ideas of how the group can destroy the tubes. I will not allow them to collect more than 2 of the tubes as the time line for their character's lives would have them going from young age to near venerable age to collect them.  I have an idea that evil creatures will start to hunt down the group as their fame gets more widespread. 

Ideas on how to further this plot? Ideas on how to either destroy these tubes? (Keep in mind that the Banites are working tirelessly to retrieve the same tubes, and their coffers are near bottomless) Ideas on nasty creatures to throw at the group? (already have in mind blackguards, various minor demons/devils etc...)

Any ideas would be most appreciated...

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