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D&D 3E
8th-Oct-2003 09:02 am
Words are all I have
Hey, it's my first post here so go easy on me. I've been playing for a decade or so now, so forh and so on. You guys seem to know what you're talking about, so here's my question...

I'm going for an archer build, and we're currently at 6th level. The
build I have so far is Sorc (1), Paladin (1), and Fighter (4). I start
up into Deepwood Sniper for two levels after that, and then finish it
out with Order of the Bow Initiate. Quick question though: Should I
drop the level of Sorc for another level of Paladin?

Pro's of switching:
- +1 to BAB, giving me two attacks now (three with rapid shot)
- +1 to fort
- +3 to my saves (We're playing high stats, and I have a 16 CHA)
- Detect evil, Lay on hands and all that jazz

And the Con's of switching:
- -8 to AC, since I can no longer cast Mage Armor or Shield (dex of
- No more True Strike or enlarge person (wand)
- Not being able to help out in xp donation for magic item creation

The story build of the character is that he was a snotty little street
kid with a 'heart full of gold' his mom instilled into him with a
healthy heaping of moral values and whatnot. He was picked up by a
local cleric and his beliefs were further enforced (hence the paladin
drop) and he decided to venture forth to change the world. The
rigorous dedication of a Paladin became too much for him, though (he
was still a little prankster jerk at heart) and he broke away from the
church, but not from the dream.
LG Human Male. I figured he used to Sorceror level to help him in his
expeditions before turning toward the church initially. What do you
all think?

PS: In retrospect, I can also drop the level of sorc and take my first
level of Deepwood Sniper already...
8th-Oct-2003 09:15 am (UTC)
I think a lot of number cruncher guys would probably suggest dropping the level of sorcerer, but I really like the sorcerer level. I'd probably drop the paladin level out of personal preference, but that might affect your prestige class selection.
8th-Oct-2003 09:37 am (UTC)
No, dropping the Paladin wouldn't affect any prestige classes, but I just thought that it'd be nice flavor text for his background, since he was practically raised by our group's cleric. Besides, the 5th level of Fighter didn't get me anything, and next level I'm dipping directly into Deepwood Sniper.
8th-Oct-2003 09:25 am (UTC)
Keep the build now if you can fit it in character (I like how this background is actually somewhat justified instead of simply being a powergamer loadout).

If you need to switch something, go for Pal2/Fig4, as you have already illustrate the background reason for Paladin but not for Sorcerer ;)
8th-Oct-2003 09:40 am (UTC)
Yeah, a lot of people are suggesting that, but the only problem is that it's a high stat/low gp campaign, and it looks like the only way we're gonna make money is to make magic items and sell them, which means we need as much people with prerequisites for the item as possible, so as to balance the xp hit. But yeah, I'm really tempted to take that paladin level and drop the sorceror one, since I've only used the spells all of once. (We've only played one session though, to be fair.)
11th-Oct-2003 10:04 am (UTC) - And this is where the true gamer comes in...
Ok.. so you don't get much gp in game except by selling magic items. Well, this is where you need to use your imagination and do some hard core role playing.

Some suggestions for making money:

find a chic that will play a thief and be willing to do some prostitution

find a rich merchant and offer to guard his caravan for a certain percentage of his sales

find a duke or lord or king that's having some problems in the kingdom and offer to take care of them for a rather high price

items you collect along the way... sell them... for a lot

(yeah, I know most of these seem pretty obvious and have probably been done hundreds of times)

You could also open a pawn shop. Come to think of it... that might be really interesting...

the cleric could sell his healing services to the overly rich and powerful

if any of you have crafts (weapon making, hunting, building, blacksmithing, etc. ) and you're GOOD at them, you could take apprentices and charge them for the learning experience.

If you have a rogue that specializes in spying and gathering information, you could sell those services to various people. (I hear information is going for quite a bit these days...)

Well, those are just some suggestions, other than the usual digging through dead bodies, and pillaging the headquarters of big ugly monsters that you've defeated.

As for the sorcerer thing... that depends. If you can work it into the background of the character so it's not there "just because" (not that it is) then you should keep it. But if the only reason you have it is to help in crafting magic items, then go with a paladin, because that's just dumb. No offense or anything, but the best characters have every ability and every level of every class for a reason. But it's ultimately up to you.

PS Kill a dragon.. they have lots of gold and gems and such
11th-Oct-2003 01:43 pm (UTC) - Re: And this is where the true gamer comes in...
Sounds like a plan. ^_^

And I dropped the sorc level, for what it's worth.
11th-Oct-2003 01:45 pm (UTC) - Re: And this is where the true gamer comes in...
It really doesn't matter whether or not you drop the sorc. I just figure, that if you're going to have it, you should work it into your background somehow.

But I'm glad you like my suggestions. :)
11th-Oct-2003 01:46 pm (UTC) - Re: And this is where the true gamer comes in...
Which I did.
11th-Oct-2003 01:54 pm (UTC) - Re: And this is where the true gamer comes in...
That's fine. I just didn't want it to sound like I was telling you you did something wrong. But from what I read about your character, it didn't seem like the sorcery was as well built in as some of the other things. *shrug*
11th-Oct-2003 04:10 pm (UTC) - Re: And this is where the true gamer comes in...
And you're entirely correct; from what I wrote down, it didn't. There are some other bits I failed to write down for brevity's sake, but whatever; it's all gravy.
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