Mr IndustrialPants, the dark lord of the Sith (mbtm) wrote in dnd3e,
Mr IndustrialPants, the dark lord of the Sith

generating store inventory

I can't remember if I posted about this some time ago...but oh well.

The party will be getting back to town tonight (if they survive that is) and the GP limit for Greyhawk is 100,000 gp. How should I generate items for sale in stores? They'll have enough (more than likely) to have a +1 weapon, +1 armor, +1 shield, and a few +1 minor items (they'll almost be 8th level). I'd like to find a way to generate loot for that day when they ask the merchant for "+2 and up" items...or some such.


off to with the players
Tags: dm advice

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