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I have an idea to make a small literature-based discussion. This small text can be the beginning. I will be glad to see your comments and additions to the theme. I think I’ve found a right place and right people to talk to.

The Dragonslayer (The theme of).

Any creatures can be the killer. Yet any creature can be a victim. Such is life. You can be killed; no matter how strong and wise you are there is always someone who is stronger, wiser, or just luckier than you. It is true even if you are a dragon, the creature of might and magic. Where the dragons are there are the dragonslayers. A “typical” dragonslayer is always pictured alone. The weapon of slaying is usually a sword, as a rule magically enchanted, or just unusual one. This is a stereotype used by many authors of fantasy.
It is interesting to study how the idea appeared. First of all, the dragon is a magical creature superior to many of other creatures. The slayer is usually human. But how a simple weak (in comparison) human can defeat such an enemy? Dragonslayer is rarely a simple human. A human overcoming such a great enemy (not always an enemy though), is a symbol showing that human is capable of everything.

(Glad to see your opinions and additions)


(Hobbit:There and back again) Bard - killed the dragon named Smaug with the black arrow. Bard saved Esgaroth from destruction.
(The Ring of Nibelungs ) Sigfrid – killed the dragon and washed in his blood, making himself invulnerable.

(Please continue the list with your examples. I'm going to update the entry with your additions)

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