Jay Cash (jaycash) wrote in dnd3e,
Jay Cash

This might be a bit obscure (and I'm probably annoying visitors with my number of posts), but I'm wanting to create a prestige class. I realize there are guidelines and such for doing that in the DM's guide. So, in creating this thing in 3rd Edition, I'm wanting a monk prestige class which is very, very based in the martial art of Capoiera.

For those who aren't sure what Capoiera is, let me explain. Capoeira is a martial art that combines beauty of the movement with acrobatics, music,
singing, high level of positive energy and, of course, fighting. Capoeira has been the official martial art of Brazil for the last 300 years and, in the beginning, was fought with knives tied to the competitors feet. So, I'm wanting to incorporate the acrobatics, tumbling performance ability, additional knife-damage, and such into the class. I'm thinking maybe +1d4 knife damage every three levels (beginning at 2nd level) (going to +2d4 at 5th level and +4d4 at 8th level etc) with the ability to flurry of blows (with +1.5 knife damage). Maybe add in uncanny dodge at 1st and 5th levels.

Any comments/help?

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