Alex Davis (joevual) wrote in dnd3e,
Alex Davis

I found this in the Anarchist Forum...

D&D Online Anarchy over at SlashDot
Oh my Fucking Goddess!!!!!

You have to read this thread over on Slashdot. While it's under an article about the new D&DO game.....well, just see for yourself.

++Bah, Necromancers are the CEOs of D&D. Outsourcing mindless killing jobs which could have gone to hard working gnomes.++

In the end it works for everyone's favor. Only by using the most cost-effective available labor can a necromantic treasure retrieval effort stay competitive in todays fiercely competitive adventuring environment. This, in turn, means an economic boom for local businessess. The gnomes can find new jobs in supplying equipment for the armies of the dead, and if they can't, at least they'll starve to death while lying on streets paved with gold - and once dead they have a guaranteed job at the employment of Necromantic Might Inc.

Now, some of you might say that being a mindless zombie is not a dream job, but I ask you: are your day-to-day jobs really that different ?

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