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Restricting spells for the ethereal.

Inspired by the bloodlines that were published in the new Dragon Compendium, a fellow DM and I are trying to work together to make more bloodlines that work better with the planar setup of our campaign settings. The Penumbra Bloodline, in the process, is being split into a Shadow Bloodline and an Ethereal Bloodline, since we agreed these should be separate entities. Spells were already picked out for the Ethereal Bloodline from the Spell Compendium and Player's Handbook, and we're coming up with something like this:

1st--Ectoplasmic Armor
2nd--Spectral Hand
3rd--Spectral Weapon
4th--Ethereal Mount
5th--Greater Blink
6th--Incorporeal Nova
7th--Ghost Trap

My question is, since each of these bloodlines makes a certain category of spells unavailable (for shadow, it is the light subtype; for the fey bloodline, it's "all spells that create or enhance undead," etc.), what do you think should be unavailable to someone with the ethereal bloodline?
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