The Gimp (gimp101) wrote in dnd3e,
The Gimp

Undead Barbarian...

Okay, this one is obvious... Evil game, one of my players has a Half-Ogre Barabarian and recently died... He was reincarnated by the partys' Druid- as a gnome- needless to say he wasn't too pleased with this transition... He has since successfully undertaken a personal mission to regain his powerful character (including having to drag his own large, dead body all the way to a powerful Necromancer allied with his boss)... Long story short, he is now a 'Gravetouched Ghoul' (Libris Mortis) Half-Ogre Barbarian... My first query is this- Can he still rage with no Constitution score...? And if so, for how long...? Currently I'm going with yes he can rage but only for 3 rounds (the base number from the class) and of course he is no longer fatigued afterwards since he is undead...
Query 2, He lost damn near half his hit points after losing his constituion, and of course if he reaches 0 hit points he is utterly destroyed so this is a problem for an 11th level game, anyone know of a magic item that he could benefit from? There's all sorts of good reasons that he deserves this power, the least of which being that he is (unknowingly) greatly pleasing 'Doresain'-The King of Ghouls... ... Apart from the Toughness feat, I can find no answer in any of my books to these questions...
The game is not at a halt or anything, but his lack of hit points could a real liability soon...

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