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D&D 3E
Annunach (Humour) 
28th-Dec-2005 12:23 pm
The God Annunach watches over you, mortals...

Great Annunach, the god of the lazy. Annunach (A (as "u" in seagull)-NNU-NAKH), in close English translation Fuckitall or Idon'tcare ) is praised as one of the main gods(in Inaj)as his followers are nearly all of the people. Even from the birth you are his follower, you have only to pass an initiation. This god is remembered very often. If for example you, heroes, agian have another great quest to do to save the world.
-How tired am I... Fuckitall, lets go get some beer
See? you've spoken his name... how easy that was?

Clerics of Annunach choose spells from any domain as the god himself is so lazy that doest even bothers about it. As a payment for such variety clerics must spend two hours a day worshipping a god, instead of one. The ritual is hard, but after some practice you get accustomed to it. The holy symbol of Annunach is the beer bottle.

The Ritual of praying Annunach
For the first hour you must do nothing tiring!!! During the next hour you must do nothing tiring at all!!!. Sleep, drink beer, or just do nothing, but NO QUESTS!!! NO GREAT DEEDS OF VALOUR!!! and let any other god save you if you work or craft! The anger of Annunach is terrible! You will never find time to rest, the quests, villains, good heroes( If you are the villain) will fall on you like rain neverending. No rest, no peace. Some faulty Annunach clerics were even reincarnated when they thought that death will save them from Annunach's wrath. But there is a chance, some say, that the god just goes to sleep, speaking his own name and forget about you... But don't you dare to try!

Relations with other gods
Other gods don't care much about Annunach (he also doest care much about himself... and them... and everything), but they don't like his clerics as they can sometimes spread like a plague leaving forgotten... everything.
Some say that they even made some realms forgotten!!!

Join the followers of Annunach!
29th-Dec-2005 01:39 pm (UTC)
Thanks! Now I have a concept for my next cleric! ;-)
3rd-Jan-2006 02:10 am (UTC)
GREAT!!! Thanx :-b
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