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D&D 3E
Question about Healing.... This has been a question of mine for… 
27th-Dec-2005 08:18 am

Question about Healing....

This has been a question of mine for sometime, after bringing it up with the various groups that I have games with over the years, I would like somebody elses ideas.

When a character is wounded/damaged (regardless of what caused it) it has been the cleric's job to heal and patch that character up. Now heres my question.

If a character is wounded in such a way as to have parts shattered or knocked out, when a cleric does their healing (CLW, CMW etc..) what happens to those parts?

Let me elaborate:

I have had PC's in past games get into bar fights. Sometimes a PC will get a tooth knocked out. I understand that the healing spells will fix tissue damage and mend bones, but would the tooth regrow or would that PC have a gapped smile? (Question from a game several years past)

Other scenario:

PC gets clobbered by an ogres greatclub, doing more than 75% of hitpoint damage. PC survives fort. check due to amount of damage, but it was decided that since the PC got hit on the leg, that the leg was shattered, bones broken, split etc. Essentially the leg was useless. In cases like this, where the femur is shattered and bone shards are scattered throughout the muscle, what exactly would a cure spell do?

I know that it would mend the bones and fix damage. Would it cause the bone to grow new peices (to replaces the shards that are missing?) If that is the case, what about the bone shards left in the thigh muscle?

I know that this is very odd to ask, but the games that I run/play in can be very brutal at times (very much like the Warhammer FRPG). There is no ongoing arguement with players/GMs over this nor a game waiting on answers, just a curious thought I had to see what other people thought of it.



27th-Dec-2005 06:31 pm (UTC)
I like your icon, why Ingwaz? That rune happens to be kinda sacred to me, mind if I nab the icon?
28th-Dec-2005 12:56 pm (UTC)
There are many defination of the Rune:Ing, but I chose the one on this page (it seemed to be the main indealogy of the rune [fertility]) - http://www.ealdriht.org/thirdaett.html My wife and I had been trying for a child for over a couple of years and we currently are in our 6th month of pregenancy.

And you are more than welcome to the icon.

3rd-Jan-2006 05:11 pm (UTC)
Well congratulations! I'm glad to hear that. The first time I heard about Frey I was very drawn to him (as well as Freyja). It wasn't until later I discovered my name bore such a close resemblance to his--my name is Inge. ^_^

Good luck with the pregnancy!
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