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D&D 3E
About you 
23rd-Dec-2005 10:51 am
I would like to ask...
What are the good qualities of your playing/DMing and bad ones? (Its up to you, which qualities you consider good/bad)
For example/
Myself =)
I think that one of good qualities of my DMing is that, when I have to play an NPC bard (for example) I play him very naturally. It means if in the storyline the bard sings something, I take my guitar and really play and sing (and not very bad it seems). The players are fascinated. Some ask for more.
My bad quality is that I may seem too strict about the rules. Some find it limiting players imagination.
23rd-Dec-2005 08:05 am (UTC)
I'm told I run an enjoyable session. My players tell me they apprciate that I'm creative when writing adventures, and that I'm flexible when they think of solutions tot he challenges I pose them, especailly when they are clever and circumvent my plans. I think this probably means I can think on my feet.

My weaknesses is that I don't plan as well as I should. I can easily be out-rules lawyered (thankfully most of the people in my group are usually less familiar with the system than me). I'm not good at keeping the pace going in a session -- sometimes things drag. I'm probably too generous as a DM as well.
23rd-Dec-2005 03:32 pm (UTC)
My bad quality is that I may seem too strict about the rules. Some find it limiting players imagination.

Those damn laws of reality are always cramping my style, man.
23rd-Dec-2005 06:04 pm (UTC)
I agree. I tend to be a bit too loose about rules, and it always comes back to bite me in the rear at the end of the campaign, in the form of a severely overpowered party.

On the positive side, I think I'm a good storyteller as well. There's a lot of stories told within the context of the game - each player has a story in mind to tell about their character as well as what the DM has planned. My players can trust me to make sure all of these stories get a fair amount of time.

I think I'm also a pretty good problem-solver and can help the player work around whatever rules obstacles they run up against to give them the flavor that they were looking for. For example, a character who wanted to play a dragon or doppelganger but found the level adjustment prohibitive might get what they were looking for from a half-racial template.
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