Gamer Joe (gamerjoe) wrote in dnd3e,
Gamer Joe


If you'd like to read a comedy/drama about a group of 20+ role-players trying to get their lives in order, check

It's my writing web site where I review games on occasion and it's still growing. Check it out if you have the time and expect to see more from me.

  • Quick Favor to Ask

    Please tell me the starting gold for the four classes in the Expanded Psioncs Handbook. Thanks.

  • New psionic power

    Mainly for draconid, but feedback is welcome, of course. ----- Cobra's Strike Psychometabolism (Str) Level: Psion/Pyschic Warrior 2 Display: Vi, Ma…

  • Monsters of ROCK!

    So, it's been quiet lately. Over the decades, there's been hundreds and hundreds of monster entries, from time-tested fan faves to critters which…

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