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D&D 3E
Simple Really... 
27th-Nov-2005 06:12 pm
Ok, ive been planning this game I just started running for a little while now, and so far its been going great. Got some rather interesting story lines in the mix, as well as some good old fashion characters with histories who will come to regret it thinger going. however, what ive been dealing with lately is trying to make some real hardcore horror encounters.
Maybe its just because heroes of horror just came out (though I thought it sucked) but horror in D&D has really seemed like fun to me recently. the magic abilities of some creatures and what not make for some seriously bad-ass set-ups, as well as some of the monster's, especially int eh MM II & III. which rule by the way.
So the question is, what were the best horror game scenario's in D&D or otherwise you guys have had? or, what are ideas you can come up with?
So far, I've got a two story haunted house scenario using an Allip with the spell-stitched template, modified to use illusion spells instead. its looking pretty nice.
WHat do you guys got?
28th-Nov-2005 02:34 am (UTC)
There are a few. One that stands out is an abandon prison where the inmates were mostly wiped out by some plague. That was a lot of fun to run for them.
28th-Nov-2005 02:39 am (UTC)
The only "horror" encounter I ever ran was with a feyr. A simple one-on-one game, but ended up working really well. Scared the crap out of the guy ;p

I have a senario for a haunted house adventure, but I haven't run it yet. Basically the PCs find themselves caught on the side of a mountain in the middle of a storm, so go to find shelter in this castle they just happen to find nearby. Turns out there already a group of travellers there, a local band of bandits. So the PCs need to make nice (or probably should, as fighting wouldn't be advisable).

The bandits have found a bunch of treasure and stuff in the castle, and are having a big meal and enjoying themselves. But then weird stuff starts to happen, curtesy of a Ghost. The idea is that the treasure actually belongs to a youngish white dragon, who has made a deal with the ghost. The dragon gets treasure which the ghost guards (the ghost is undead because he couldn't give up love of gold or something). So the PCs have to deal with some untrusting bandits, a ghost, and eventually a dragon, all at the same time (run away from the ghost and run smack dab into the dragon).

I haven't run it yet because my PCs aren't high enough level, and even then, I'm not sure if my group has the roleplaying skills to actually make it work out.
28th-Nov-2005 03:10 am (UTC)
I've had this Children of the Night idea for a while.

Scenario: PCs are to investigate strange occurences and dissapearences at the abandonned mansio of a wealthy countess who dissapeared/died several years earlier, along with the 8 (number may varry, but more than 4 always seemed right to me) adopted children (biological children are fine, I jsut like to play on human emotion).

Hook: The countesse became a vampire (one way or another, DMs discretion) and made her children vampires as well.

Main Act: This had always been the climax of the adventure in my head. The PCs enter a specific room (i.e. bedroom, playroom, social room, room of importance) and there is a mist that "plays at your feet and swirls arround the room" and the wind "has a feint laughter to it" or something to the effect of kids because... the mist is actually the vampiric children in Gaseous Form!!! I always had them form once the players reach the other end of the room (in my case, the hallway, with high windows on each side) one under each window in the shadow. The decore plays a hefty part as well, soemthing to the effect of a large painting with the mistress and her children, maybe some small chairs or a few dejected toys littering the floor, a dolly missing an eye or a limb, maybe a teddy bear, creepy stuff.

The trick is to get them there at night.
I mean, waht's scarrier than undead children?
28th-Nov-2005 06:28 am (UTC)
I ran a copy of the first Resident Evil mansion once as a dungeon, filled with Juju Zombies (2e). The players proceeded to cut down a door and carry it from room to room, throwing it on any zombie they saw and then climbing atop to stomp him flat as a group. The technique became coined as "Ker-Door".

I've been experimenting with things of that sort lately though. I recently had the PCs find a vampire's stronghold (not his lair, this is just where he was his fun) set up with a kennel full of sickly and malnourished(read: con-drained) children. Later the vamp was found using a set of early adolescent vampire spawn minions who played a sort of Artful Dodger to his twisted Fagan.
28th-Nov-2005 06:21 pm (UTC)
I've never really believed in horror on d&d but oh well...

One thing I've just done recently and that we'r still receiving the rewards:

I started my current group (not really the campaign, but anyway) with an introdutory piece that was independent of the campaign. I've told them that it wouldn't be important for the game afterwords and that it would be an experiment (both for testing the system and to see how the group played together and to do some basic stuff without consequences). So we've run about 6 or so sessions of a basic adventure, go to the hunted ancient abandoned castle save the kidnaped by ghosts princese. A lot of huntings, visions, ghosts stuff, some ancient traps, some unknown magic and also a lot of fighting, both normal and supernatural ghostly stuff. I basicly kept throwing them harder and harder stuff till the all got killed. That was the all ideia anyway. End the test, starting the normal game.
Now, the trick was in this transition. They all knew that it hadn't happened but now they started to learn that many parts of that are real. And more than that, they are starting to see that some of their major personal goals involve going in to that area (not specifically the castle) and maybe getting involved with some of the people that where related with the princese and that thought that it could really happen, that any part of it could be true, that they can end up in that place again is starting to grow in them...

Maybe they end up goind there, maybe they don't, anyway, they want to go near enough to scare them and they will always remember that they all died in that place while their getting closer and closer.
2nd-Dec-2005 06:05 am (UTC)
just off the top of my head I thought it would be neat to run an adventure in some sort of abandoned tower or something used for torture. And if the ones who did the torturing had a habit of cutting off body parts...and putting them together to make something else entirely (which probably still lives there!)
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