Jay Cash (jaycash) wrote in dnd3e,
Jay Cash

I believe myself to be rather intelligent ... I mean, I have an IQ of 162. But there are just some things in the D&D3E Player's Handbook that isn't exactly clear to me, so maybe you can help me.

The major one being: bonus spells. I don't get'em. I'm using a half-elven ranger with a wisdom of 14 (I know his wisdom is important ... I think). I'm at level 1 right now (haven't even begun playing with him just yet), but rangers, of course, are supposed get spells at 4th level, but, on the "Spells Per Day" chart, it says "0" under the number of 0-level spells.

Can someone explain to me how bonus spells work and why that is 0?

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