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D&D 3E
npc question restated 
14th-Nov-2005 06:03 pm
A little more clarification....

In short this Nation was completely destroyed by plague war etc. Out of the remnants of human survivors have emerged certain people, heroes, villains etc. who have made it. There are certain names that everyone knows. Some travel from town to town, doing good or evil as they please. People celebrate or hide when these men come around. These are the NPC's I need. I need a few of these folks to perhaps use in my game. There are probably 10-30 people to have on hand, so that I can start sewing plot threads in involving these folks. You can email me things at foxsable@gmail.com . These are people who have been through a near apocolypse so they are probably either going to be hard or fast to have avoided it.

If you have any, or are bored and feel like designing a cool villain, email it to me or post in reply to this.
15th-Nov-2005 01:02 am (UTC)
One of my favorite villians that I made but didn't use was a Mindbender Sorceror. I don't remember the exact build, but it was fairly high level. The core of the guy's strategy was to cast Charm (and similar) spells using Silent Spell, while under Improved Invisibility, then using his telepathic ability to command his charmed target.

From the party's perspective, they see nothing and hear nothing, but the Mindbender is controlling someone. Obviously this guy isn't built for combat, but more of a 'puzzle' villian. The character I made also had Leadership and the appropriate minions... he was not a villian to get his hands dirty. In my case, I had placed him as an advisor to the King, who was secretly controlling most of the King's court. Anytime anyone came to see the king, he's would lie in wait (invisible) and often take control of events in a number of ways.

Often Charm isn't powerful enough to catch party members, but there are more powerful variations, and Charm can still be used to control NPCs around the party.

Mindbender (prestige)

Key Spells:
Charm Person
Improved Invisibity
Unseen Servant
Detect Thoughts
Dominate Person

Key Feats:
Silent Spell

15th-Nov-2005 01:47 am (UTC)
You could have a relatively innocuous rumor from before the plague turn into a boogie-man sort of story. Say there was a rumor of a killer in a certain city. Now mothers use that story to scare their children. But that story might come true or spawn something worse.
15th-Nov-2005 02:19 am (UTC)
What ECL do you need?

Horok might be good for you... Or Sam...
15th-Nov-2005 02:25 am (UTC)
Kenshiro , Monk 16. Uses Quivering Palm when necessary, and it's always necessary.
15th-Nov-2005 02:41 am (UTC)
That's all good, but really I'm not looking for stats, i'm looking for a story. You can leave out town names and such, like just say "harry was from TOWN on the side of the RIVER. He was friends with the KING of TOWN, and after KING fell in the war, he was forced to make his own justice based on the KING's beliefs" or whatever. I just need stories... rebels, bandits, puritanists.

I like the boogie man suggestion
15th-Nov-2005 05:00 am (UTC)
Ever seen Apocalypse Now? If not then you need to.
Think of a Colonel Kurtz like character.

Take a once heroic figure like a Knight of some order that was heavily depended on during the war. While being in the middle of some real savage battles they also had the plague to deal with as well as lack of supplies, low moral and so on. The breaking point comes when they are ordered to do something that they don’t agree with but have to do for one reason or another (like torch a town and its people in hopes of containing the disease and keep it from spreading).
So our Knight snaps and one day walks off with the members of his order to fight the war the way he felt best. Years later you have the remains of this Knight order suffering from some serious battle stress and are maybe not even aware that it’s completely over.
They would appear as dust covered, haggard looking warriors in some seriously damaged piecemeal armor with improvised weapons (or some they might have been able to maintain). Some might have mounts while others are on foot or carts pulled by slaves.
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