Kourtnie (spriksie) wrote in dnd3e,

Chaotic neutral.

This comes up too often in the group I'm a player in. Comes up in the group I'm a DM in too, but it usually isn't too dramatic in nature.

"I'm chaotic neutral. I think in my best interest."

Translation: "I'm chaotic neutral. All I care about is me. Screw all the other players that are supposed to be having fun. Did I mention I don't care where the groups going, because it's all about me, me, me?"

I loathe chaotic neutral.

Maybe it's because the immature play it a lot, but I find it to be the lazy alignment. It's the offensive alignment, the rude alignment that somehow ends up in a group of good people that should otherwise beat the bastard except for the fact their methods aren't dubbed "evil" (and so, we would likely have "neutral evil.")

When I had a new player add to my group a few weeks back that I'd gamed with in the past, and I knew was nothing but a troublemaker, I said to him, "no evil and no chaotic neutral." He then replied, "Why do you already have a chaotic neutral in the group, then?" and I answered, "Because I'm apparently biased." Not a very good answer from a DM, but I'm fed up to HERE with people that abuse the CN alignment.

I think I'm going to run a game without alignments known, and the characters don't get to pick their alignments. Items and spells that are alignment-based will just work and not work depending on the player's mood, so the players that are self-centered and selfish and eventually screw the group over for it get penalized accordingly.

Anyone else have problems with chaotic neutral??

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