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D&D 3E
Barbarian Feats 
4th-Nov-2005 07:29 am
Ugh. I have a small iddy biddy teensie weensie problem with my dnd group: THE BARBARIAN DOESN'T LIKE RAGE!

we have been playing this set of characters for about 2 months now ... we are all level 2, and have explored all of our abilities and know what are characters are capable of. Well, except for her :/

She FINALLY raged today ... and I think that we convinced her that rage=pwnage. Now, I have taken the task upon myself to better educate her in the ways of the dark side.

The help that I need from ya'll ... can you give me information relating to Barbarian rage feats? I have been scouring www.d20srd.org and came up with nothing.

Thanks in advance
4th-Nov-2005 03:11 pm (UTC) - A different angle:
Is the idea that she doesn't understand rage, or that she doesn't like using the ability?

I'd personally see about changing the character to a fighter maybe. I mean, if the player doesn't like rage, playing a barbarian doesn't seem to be the best option. Of course there are other reasons to play a barbarian (d12 hit dice, more skill points than fighter), but a fighter might be a better way to go.

It also bothers me when people try to tell me how to build or play my character. So if it is just that she doesn't like the ability, maybe try letting her not use it. Is the character significantly weaker than the rest of the party because she isn't using rage? If not, then why worry? Not every character has to be played to their maximum combat potential.
4th-Nov-2005 03:23 pm (UTC) - Re: A different angle:
she doesn't like complicated classes. The DM has to spell every little detail out for her. She hasn't raged because she couldn't calculate everything out.

What I am not doing is telling her how to play her class. I am telling her how to rage, and I am giving her some suggestions as to what she could do with her talents.

I am trying to make it easier for her to play her class
4th-Nov-2005 04:07 pm (UTC) - Re: A different angle:
one of the guys in my party has been playing a barbarian/frenzied berserker for about two years,and has separate sheets drawn up for eaxh stage of rage and frenzy,,if not its just way too many scales,,you mught suggest that to her ,,just keep a chart
4th-Nov-2005 07:52 pm (UTC) - Re: A different angle:
I'm the same way. My character sheets and information are freakishly friggin organized. Unfortunately I have not played in a campaign that lasts longer than... 6 months? There is a hardcore lack of reliable D&D in my area... or at least my social circles.

6th-Nov-2005 06:03 pm (UTC) - Re: A different angle:
i ahve to admitt 2 years on the same campaign is getting old tho,,i dont like high level play..its to the point where case in point the barbarian is a warforged barbarian frenzied berzerker working his way up both the rage and frenzy tree,,has over 2oo hp and deathless frenzy and with all the majik items and good use of power attack can do about 160 hp of damage in a round,so the things we fight can kill most of us in a round or two if we dont kill them first,,what is a challenge to say my charicter "artificer14 wand adept 2" is not to say the warforged barbarian hit point dumpster..i cna t wait for this campaign to end and to start over,,i hate that one fight lasts 2 and a half hours 6 months would be just fine with me ,,and then start over again
4th-Nov-2005 08:19 pm (UTC) - Re: A different angle:
I am working on that ...
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