pr0f3550r (pr0f3550r) wrote in dnd3e,

Need Art, maps, A web page and some coffee.

Currently I need desperate need of a few fantasy artists for the game I am working on. The project is a few months away from completion and I have no art to go with the material. So are there any artist here with some work online or does anyone know of a place where I can find fantasy artists for hire (I am sure there are sights where people can request character drawings). Elfwood is out of the question at the moment as there were some issues there.

Also is there any one here who is REALLY good at mapping? No so much rooms and what not (though if you are scan some stuff so I can check it out) but what we need are land maps for the game world.

We will pay for any work produced but it MUST be original.

Also needed
Someone who can go logo design and professional web design. I would like to get a web page up and running in the next few months but my ability to create web pages is non existent. NO front page or other software I could just use myself.

If you would like to contact me directly with any questions send email to

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