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Ok, so by now I expect most of us have seen/used/browsed 3.5

What do you think? The good? The bad? The ugly?

Well...lets just name off some stuff....

It wasn't really needed? simple enough. Some fixes/changes were needed, but there seems to be too much done with no good reason.

-Sorc gets a chance to remove a spell that is obsolete and pick a new one? Its ok, but not really needed. If you pick your spells carefully it's easy to have a powerful spell selection. But overall its ok
-Power Attack....using 2 hands on the weapon gives you +2 on damage for every -1 on attack!? Thats a bit much. A 2 for 1 deal?? Too powerful. Power Attack didn't need that little addon, but I guess every munchkin digs it?
-Whats with the extra bullshit in the DMG? Epic level stuff, stuff on the planes, prestige classes from other books, 2 "new" shitty prestige classes, the new Blackguard pic is good, but other than that...crap! A few changes on magic items are good too (now that I think of it) but there are some other stupid moves. Lots of stuff that we already have in other books. Why add it?? So WotC can say there is "lots of new additions" or such???
-The descriptions of monsters in the MM is a nice touch. Our current DM (I just finished DM'ing...I can play again woo!!) used the description of Ankhegs and it was neat. I like that, but wouldn't buy the book just for that.
-Paladin's war horse 2/hr per level? Ehn. I don't really dig that. We've always seen the warhorse as a lifelong companion, but now its a creature to summon?? tsk tsk.
-Druid's being able to "burn off" spells for Summon Nature's Ally is ok. Equivilant of cleric's ability.
-Ranger's have been changed so much that we're expecting a new version next week.
-Sunder and other feats being named "Improved [name]" wasn't needed. Sure anyone can try to sunder, but taking the feat prevents the attack of opp. Improved Sunder now gives a +4 to the attack roll....why? Just to make characters more powerful?? Most are plenty powerful already.
-Those feats that give you +2 on two skills are ok, but I personally wouldn't waste a feat on either. Unless I was trying to get a mad total on some skill.
-I like the DR now. Cold Iron is cool. Skeleton's having 5/Blugdeoning and Zombie's with 5/Slashing is good. Nothing drastic but keeps skeletons up against low level characters for a bit longer. Demons and Angels should be harder to fight now. Especially if they have dual-DR. Before someone could get "Sure Striking" and hit the demons, angels, powerful dragons, etc etc. without having to worry about the DR. ...assuming they can hit the AC.
-Something about the weapons.....handedness is it? and the different damages?? Its a flashback of 2nd ed. Longsword doing 1d8 vs small/med. and 1d12 vs.
-They dumbed down orcs. I wonder if it was because of the same type of whining I faced from the players when I made an adventure using 3.5 creatures. Orcs with Falchions? Doesn't seem right. Orcs are cruel, vicious, and such. So a greataxe seemed fitting. Possible mad damage. Only on a natural 20 though. Falchion's crit range is 18-20 but 2d4. And then they lowered the Orcs AC...why? Mighty Orcs and their 14 AC was too much? So they changed it by 1 to 13? Bah. Why not equip them with a stone dagger and a tutu?
-A Gnome's favoured class is Bard?? wtf???
-Why do Half-Elves get a +2 bonus to diplomacy?? People dig half-breeds all of a sudden?
-There is just too much shit renamed. Why rename something when there was nothing wrong with a name. If you can't remember the names then you shouldn't be playing.
-Harm and Heal are fixed. Good.
-Barbarians get DR earlier... 4 levels I think...which is no big thing, but why? no reasoning there.
-I like the fact that Raise Dead, Resurrection, and True Resurrection now have a good material component. After all raising the dead shouldn't be a simple task.
-Renaming Endurance to Bears Endurance wasn't needed. Sure its a part of the "animal boost" spells...but does it really matter?
-Now Bull Strength and similiar spells only last minutes rather than hours? We've always seen those as pre-adventuring spells. Something you cast before setting out and lasting a nice while. The new one gives a 4 to the score so there is no rolling. What? Too many people rolling 1's for the old spells and whining??

Anyways, I don't own the books, just remembering (correctly I hope) the stuff I looked over when I had a loan of them from another player.

end rant :)

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