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Ray K.

So my character has acquired a student...

My character [Fighter (6), Holy Liberator (3)] acquired a student last session. After completing our mission, slaying hordes of undead, uncovering plot, pillaging dungeons, and returning the damsel in distress, we were given our choice of rewards. On a whim, I decided to turn down treasure and whatnot and ask for a decently qualified squire instead, so now there are a few problems.

At first the DM saddled me with a level 1 commoner... which I argued against, claiming I requested a qualified student. We reached a compromise and settled on a level 1 warrior (the NPC class) with no gear or anything decided yet. I can deal with that, at least a level 1 warrior can stand more of a chance of surviving than a level 1 commoner... and makes more of a suitable candidate for training up to be a paladin (or holy liberator in my case). My "student" is nothing more than a bundle of stats at this point and still needs to be fleshed out, but we'll do that later on this week.

The problem is keeping him alive. We're a party of 9th and 10th level characters (powergamers at that) who deal with a lot of intense combat. How the hell am I supossed to keep a level 1 warrior alive in these conditions? I'm thinking I could make constant use of the "shield other" spell to give him a chance. Short of that, the only alternative to keeping him alive is keeping him out of combat... which means he'll never progress past level 1.

You fellas have any idea, RP suggestions, critisicms, etc that might enlighten me a little as to what to do with my little meatshield?

ps -

No obvious meatshield suggestions... opening trapped chests, etc. I'd like to keep him alive, I am playing a CG character, lol.

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