pr0f3550r (pr0f3550r) wrote in dnd3e,

Consider this an apology in advance for any stupid questions I might post here.

I have been going over the d20 system and the OGL.
Now lets say you have a fully developed game world and no system (we have a system actually but its kind of complex). From what I am seeing here I can pretty much write this as a D&D world setting (like Forgotten Realms, Dragon Lance, Dark Sun, etc) and self publish/distribute this for what ever price I set so long as the d20/OGL logo and information is posted where outlined I am pretty much good to go? Also unless stated otherwise all the game world material (cities, religions, history, so on) still belong to me?

Or am I totally misinterpret this?
Yes I can ask a lawyer but the problem is 1: they take to damn long to get back to you (no matter what you pay them) and 2: I would rather ask people who play/write d20 games.

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