Jay (xjayceex) wrote in dnd3e,

So, I'm about to level up for the first time with a human monk character (going to level 2, of course), and I was wondering about something. I noticed "Unarmed Attack Bonus" goes from 0 to +1 and I was kind of unsure about what that meant. I'm pretty certain that it means that my unarmed strike gets a +1 to my total attack bonus, but I want to be doubly sure (yes, this is probably the most hideously novice question ever, but I like to be thorough).

Also, what prestige class do you guys recommend for my monk to be lumbering towards? Things of note are my ability scores (STR 15, DEX 18, CON 12, INT 14, WIS 15, CHA 10) and of my higher skills, I have 4 ranks in the following: Balance, Climb, Hide, Jump, Move Silently, and Tumble. Any recommendations?

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