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Help Needed (x-posted to roleplayers, dnd3e and my own journal)

I have a dilemma. For once in my life as a roleplayer, I have no idea what to take as my next character. I have plenty of character ideas, but none that are "suitable" for the current situation.

The campaign I play in is a homegrown world that exists in the same set of planes as all the D&D worlds. In the last session the characters all ended up in Faerun (apologies if I butchered the spelling of that). Well, all the characters except mine who is retiring after dying, being resurrected, and deciding she's not quite ready for the life of an adventurer. My next character idea is dependent on being brought in in the normal world. And so, while we play in Faerun, I need a new character. But since it's probably only going to be a short-term character I don't need one with the depth I'd normally give to a character. Even so, I don't like plain, bog-standard characters.

And so, I want character ideas! We're playing 3E, the character really needs to be from Faerun (a place I know nothing about), and will probably be somewhere between levels 12 and 15. I've had so many characters, I'd really like something different.

Anyway, if anyone is willing to help, being the precious lj-cut are details on my past characters, and the current characters in the group, to give an idea of what I don't want to play.

I tend to play a lot of multiclass characters, mainly because I hate bog-standard characters. Sometimes the characters are different because of race, class, sometimes just because of background info. But I rarely play bog-standard things. So here's a list of what I've played in this campaign in the past (at least, what I can remember):

  • Centaur fighter-thief (read spy for thief)

  • Half-drow mage-thief

  • Kender fighter-thief

  • Elven fighter

  • Quarter-elven bard-sorceress (was just a mage before conversion to 3E)

  • Half-Dragon-half-halfling, Cleric-Psychic Warrior (don't ask, but there's good reason for this one)

  • Next character to be a Human Paladin

And here's a list of the current characters in the group:

  • Half-elven fighter-thief

  • Strange blue ex-gladiator fighter

  • Half-elven cleric who is very much a fighter

  • Human Bard

  • Sorcerer.. I think.. he may not be playing

So pretty much, the fighter avenue is taken, as is the cleric one. The fighter-thief is more of a fighter so there may be an opportunity there. My favourite classes are mage/sorcerer and thief.

Notable gaps in my character playing (both in this and other campaigns) is that I've never played a dwarf. So I think that's a possibility.

I'd be interested to play a druid, but I wouldn't want a druid straight out of the book. Does anyone know of any good prestige classes (preferably Faerun based) for druids? Or are there any special druids in Faerun?

Other than that, I really don't know. It doesn't help that I don't know what's going on in Faerun just yet. I guess maybe I should try to find that out before giving too much thought into what sort of charcater to take.

Any suggestions would be welcome. If you have questions too, then I'll try to answer them if it will help come up with an idea!

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