Hi ho silver.... (loneronin) wrote in dnd3e,
Hi ho silver....

So i'm dead set on playing a bard. I've searched every splat book for 3.5 out there, and last night i cracked open the Planar Handbook. Lo and Behold, the Sensate PrC. It's literally everything i wanted and more. Near full caster progression, a little multiclassing (i was going to take druid 1 anyway), and most importantly, it allows me to keep expanding my Bardic Knowledge bonus. My main question is this...

Bards are automaticly proficient with whips, an exotic weapon. Part of the requirements for higher level gain is proficiency with an exotic weapon, but not necessarily the feat ExWeapProf. The sample character has bard levels and the ExWeapProf feat. Seems redundant if my reading of the rules is right. Am i going to have to waste a feat slot? Doesn't seem like i should, but just getting a consensus.

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