Jacob Thurston, Brother Cutlass of Sweet Reason (thathatedguy) wrote in dnd3e,
Jacob Thurston, Brother Cutlass of Sweet Reason

Psionics & Action Points

OK, I have started expirementing with action points in my setting [1]. I am using the full rules in the Unearthed Arcana, complete with special sues and feat boosts.
Here is what I want to put forth to the great minds of our time:
How should I handle AP's and metapsionic feats? Metamagic feats are easy, as there is only one factor: increased spell level. However, metamagic feats requrie two things: expend psionic focus, and extra PP's. Now, I think it would be too much if an AP got rid of both, but which one should it get rid of?
Also, spellcasters get recall of a cast spell, if they spend the action point on the same round that they cast the spell. How should I handle that for psionics? I can't just say you don't spend the PP's, as there is augmentation to consider.
Thoughts? Comments? Accusations of improper behavior in a public library?

[1] The setting is highly psionic. There is no arcane magic, just divine (including the divine bard variant from Unearthed Arcana). I'm a big fan of some of the UA varients, and am using many in the setting.

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