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ok this is too funny....well at least to me at 4:51am.

I just made up a 4th level character....right now I am dm'ing, but when a friend gets back to town he's taking over.

The character is a Brb1/Ftr2/Forsaker 1

....with 5 intelligence. nice rollls (4d6 drop the lowest roll) except that 5.

And it just dawned on me that I will have a -3 on search rolls. I think thats a first for our gaming group. Taking a 20 will give me a 17 so I think thats what i'll say: "i'm going to take a 17" and see how long before they realize what I mean.

Also....what do you think about people who make the same character once their current character dies? IE: Jim the ranger dies. The party has no means to bring him back, so the player decides to make exactly the same character (except the scores which he rerolls) Same gear (he's level 1) same race, same skills, feats, etc. We can only assume he will have a different name. I personally find it fairly sad because I will be experiencing this thursday. And I could almost wager money that if he dies again he would clone the character again.

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