Mr IndustrialPants, the dark lord of the Sith (mbtm) wrote in dnd3e,
Mr IndustrialPants, the dark lord of the Sith

Update: The kids and the Basic Set (v3.5 DnD)

You know...all my posts are about the current DnD just fyi.

They came over today and we played about 2:30-3:00. Now mind you the Basic Set is truly "basic" focusing on dungeon crawling,...but they were faced with decision making.

Where they left off they could have returned the stolen ring or continue on through the doors. It was nice to see and hear these two (hopefully) future RPers argue about 'what to do next'. :D

So they have been through 8 rooms so far, out of 13. They are now 2nd level.

So far what they know is this:
1. Always let the Rogue check for traps, locks, and etc.
2. Wait until the Rogue says it's ok to move on. (lol!!!)
3. There always could be a monster behind a door.
4. Stay away from anything that looks moldy.
5. Hammers work better than arrows against skeletons.


Next time they come over it will be time to level up and buy gear.

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