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Weapons of Legacy


I like it. A lot. :P Whipped something quick up at work today...

The Devious Duelist
A thin bladed rapier made of unpolished steel, The Devious Duelist is a rather unremarkable looking blade, other than the guard, which appears to be done with overdramatic flourish.

Nonlegacy Game Statistics: +1 rapier; Cost x,xxx gp. Whenever you are only threatened by one opponent and that opponent is only threatened by you, The Devious Duelist's enhancement bonus increases by +2.
Omen: Whenever fighting an opponent in single combat (you are only threatened by that opponent and that opponent is only threatened by you), the blade whispers words of encouragement on a successful hit.

Not much is known about the past of The Devious Duelist prior to it falling into the hands of the last known wielder, Malissa d'Oré. Malissa was a skilled spy in the employ of the Telflammar Shadowlords. She was chosen because of her ability to become completely immersed in her role, as well as her natural affinity for dabbling in the shadows. Sailing well under public view, she suddenly became highly wanted as a spy and killer in the kingdom of Amn, and wanted as a deserter in Telflamm, following the murder of a high-ranking Shadow Thief that Malissa had been romantically involved in as part of her espionage. Having fled both countries, she found herself in Sembia, adopted the guise of Keirsti Saracen, a young girl travelling home to visit family, and met up with a band of adventurers. Following a series of short but brief adventures, including a near massacre of her band, discovered The Devious Duelist in a cave a few days travel from the Cormyrian capital. (DC 15)

Her party had just entered a small ruined structure that appeared to be the remains of a tower when they were surprised by a red dragon attack. Noticing that she was no longer being observed, she decided to take some action and assist her companions, who weren't holding up very well. Unfortunately, when she opened a dimension door and stepped through upon the back of the dragon (who had yet to land), she found a wizard seated there. The wizard blinded her, and she spent most of the fight paralyzed with fear atop the dragon, not knowing what would happen next. Eventually, the battle wound down, and as her sight returned, she saw that only a pair of her guardian party of seven had survived the battle, and barely so. Worried for the sake of her companions, which was atypical for her, she advised they hide in the ruins of the tower to nurse their wounds, and she would attempt to find a more secure shelter for them to spend the night. She stumbled upon what appeared to be an abandoned cave, and in there, she found the sword. However, as she picked up the sword, she heard a draconic screech from behind her, and turned to see a very young red dragon standing there. The dragon swore revenge upon her for the death of its mother, and lept at her to rend her flesh. However, the blade seemed to hone her combat skills to an edge far beyond what she was normally capable of. She quickly dispatched the dragon, gathered up the coin, and fled back to the camp. (DC 20; Dragon Your Feat)

Following these events, Malissa and her companions travelled abroad, and she managed to maintain her veil of anonimity. After disappearing from the view of her enemies and allies, Malissa returned with one of her companions from the outer planes, although she wouldn't discuss what happened there with anyone. Thinking that the search for her had ceased at this point, she relaxed her guard. As she rested at an inn one night, she was attacked by an assassin. Again, the sword she found aided her in overcoming her similarly armoured opponent. As her opponent dropped to the ground, weeakened, it was at that point that Malissa realized it was the daughter of the man she had killed -- a girl she had once treated like her own daughter. She could not bring herself to kill the girl, and the girl cited words of arcane power and fled. (DC 25; Merciful Murderer)

Their second matchup, however, would not go as well. While Malissa had escaped plenty of encounters in the past, using her abilities and those of the blade, the girl was equipped with all of the necessary toys to neutralize Malissa's abilities. Her ability to create magical darkness was neutralized by the girl's ability to create light. Her ability to travel across the plains and to open a door across short distances was negated by the girl anchoring her to the spot. And of course, the increased combat ability provided by the blade was negated by the girl's uncanning ability to predict her movements. After a quick skirmish, she was at the girl's mercy. Malissa pleaded for forgiveness, explaining that the murder had not been her fault and that she had loved the girl's father, but had she not murdered him, the Telflammar would have anyway, and her along with him. The girl accepted Malissa's apology, but only under the condition that she would right the wrong she had committed. Malissa agreed to the terms, and surrendered the blade to the girl, pledging to assist her. Malissa had never spoken of this incident save to a few of her closest friends, and many never knew that the old friend that began travelling with her was related to her in this way. Legend says the blade eventually returned to Malissa's hand, but she disappeared, and the whereabouts of the blade is unknown. (DC 30; Fight of Forgiveness)

Legacy Rituals
Three rituals are required to unlock all the abilities of The Devious Duelist.
Dragon Your Feat: You must defeat a red dragon of your CR or higher in solo combat; or, your party of adventurers must defeat a red dragon and rider with a combined EL equal to your party's EL plus four. In both cases, you may use any skills or abilities at your disposal, but The Devious Duelist must be your only weapon. Cost: 1,700 gp. Feat Granted: Least Legacy (The Devious Duelist).
Run Daddy Run: You must defeat an agent of a rival, or an agent of someone you have seriously wronged, in personal combat, but you must then allow them to live to report to their superiors. The agent must be your CR or higher, and you may use any skills or abilities at your disposal; however, The Devious Duelist must be your only weapon. Cost: 12,000 gp. Feat Granted: Lesser Legacy (The Devious Duelist).
Fight of Forgiveness: You must be forgiven for any wrongdoings by that same rival or person you have wronged, and pledge to them to right any wrongdoings. Their forgiveness must be sincere and may not be coerced or otherwise forced. Cost: 40,000 gp. Feat Granted: Greater Legacy (The Devious Duelist).

The Devious Duelist
Wielder Level Attack Penalty Skill Check Penalty Hit Point Loss Skill Point Loss Abilities
5th -- -- -- -- Cover of Night
6th -- -- 2 4 +1 rapier
7th -1 -- -- -- --
8th -- -1 -- -- --
9th -- -- -- 2 +2 keen rapier
10th -- -- 2 -- Resistant to Change
11th -- -- -- -- Dim the Lights
12th -- -- -- 2 --
13th -2 -- -- -- --
14th -- -- 2 -- Shun the Blade
15th -- -- -- 2 --
16th -- -2 -- -- Here Today
17th -- -- -- -- Gone Tomorrow
18th -- -- 2 2 --
19th -- -3 -- 2 --
20th -- -- -- 2 +5 keen, defending, merciful rapier

Wielder Requirements
The ideal wielder for The Devious Duelist would be a Telflammar Shadowlord, although rogues, bards, swashbucklers, and any tricky creature of darkness and shadow would be a suitable wielder.

The Devious Duelist Wielder Requirements:
Base attack bonus +3
Hide 2 ranks
Disguise 2 ranks
Bluff 2 ranks

Legacy Item Abilities
All the following are legacy item abilties of The Devious Duelist
Cover of Night (Sp): At fifth level, once per day on command, The Devious Duelist can shed darkness as the spell with itself as the focus. Caster level 7th.
Resistant to Change (Su): Starting at tenth level, The Devious Duelist grants its wielder a +1 bonus to all saving throws.
Dim the Lights (Sp): Starting at eleventh level, at will, whenever The Devious Duelist is touched to an object and the command word is spoken, the touched object sheds darkness as the spell. Caster level 10th.
Shun the Blade (Su): Starting at fourteenth level, whenever you are holding, wearing, or wielding The Devious Duelist, your form wavers and shifts as you move. This grants you concealment (20% miss chance) as the spell blur.
Here Today (Su): Starting at sixteenth level, when you issue a command word and point The Devious Duelist towards the ground (or down), you become invisible as though affected by an invisibility spell. Caster level 10th.
Gone Tomorrow (Sp): Starting at seventeeth level, three times per day, when you issue a command word and point word and point The Devious Duelist towards the sky (or up), you can teleport a short distance, as if affected by a dimension door spell. Caster level 15.

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