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New D&D3 gaming world - Contributions Wanted

About my world:
myraworld isn't my world. In the world of ideas MYRA belongs to anyone who wants to contribute, it is a SharedWorld. Volunteers wanted, any contributions welcome.

Q: How is myraworld different from other D&D worlds?
A: It has been around for 20 years now. It WILL be around 20 years from now. This is long-term, it is permanent.

Two halves of the world, Machairas, the world of the warrior, early medieval-fantasy, majority is male dominated cultures with some kings, queens or dictators on top. Ophis, the other half, is a female matriarchat, strictly centralized and governed by a council of 12 witch-mothers. Conflict between races (humans being the main species) and ideologies can lead to war, but global wars are rare (the last being over 400 years ago). Magic is rather high compared to Tolkien's Middle Earth and rather low compared to R.A.Salvatore's Forgotten Realms novels.

As a shared fantasy world is has many conventional elements which somebody wanted included in this world, but all brought into a system of its own. Any mythology created will be fit (in-character by ficticious scribes) inside the existing pantheon, for example.

About my worldbuilding community
The project "MYRA" (.myra// ?) myraworld - is the idea to create one shared fantasy world together with an unlimited number of people (over 1000 up to now) over an unlimited number of years (over 20 up to now). The new thing is that this is an english language community (there is much more online and printed&published in german, but the community exists just for the reason that you *don't* have to read german or bother what exists in any language other than english)

This world is used as a background for D20 fantasy roleplaying campaigns (open gaming) both offline and diceless online. Myra-D20 modules can be published, too.

How DMs contribute:
You can 'adopt' a small part of this world in time and space which is and will stay yours to add to as long as that is your wish. That can be a person or group, a county or country, or even a continent. Yours to add to and moderate, with friends if you wish to do so.
If you're just looking for a background for your stories, your pictures or your D20 campaign, feel free to lurk and read and snatch -and contribute- what you like.
Send us your D&D3 modules, your D20 NSCs with background and plot hooks (not just stats), your D20 monsters with ecology (and not just stats)...
If it doesn't work on Myra, we'll let you know.

Myra as a game-world has a fixed time-relation. One year on Mya is played, in the official meta-campaign, in one year here on earth. If your campaign is set in present-time Myra it will be the year of the eagle, 425 p.P. (post Pondaron, after the last worldwide battle of the forces of light and darkness) You are welcome to take part in the official meta-campaign within the part of the world you adopted. What happens there in your Roleplaying once will be part of the official history of Myra.

You can just contribute some product of your creativity here - and it will be attributed to a certain place and time in the global frame of this fantasy world. You don't have to "dig" this world or in fact roleplaying (or complex boardgame-like Play-By-Email scenarios) or even gaming at all to contribute - just be creative and submit something that could at least *also* be set in our fantasy world.

We welcome any creative talent, poets, writers, artists with anime-sketches or full-blown paintbrush pictures, drawing with pencils or using photoshop or terragen for breathtaking raytraced landscapes.
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