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And Character creation begins

So two of the players came over last night and rolled up their characters. One is going to be a halfling rogue and the other is a thri-kreen monk. That was interesting to watch go. They don't have great stats either after modifiers, but have at least one high one a piece. I know I'll have two fighters with my husband and one brother-in-law. Can't wait to do the other ones. Hopefully this weekend. Thri-kreen is going to be fun. And great addition to my world. I didn't have any desert before so Mike gets to flesh out the beginning for me.
Plus they have both played previously and Tommy has DM'd in 3D so they were a lot of help. I understand the DC check so much more now. I am feeling more confidentant. Found out there are parts of the 3.0 DM book I like better (Tommy let me borrow his). It had a section called notes for the DM or something like that. one was to have 20 NPC names at all times in case you have to make one up for an NPC you didn't anticipate the PC's interacting with. I am going to do that.
I pulled out some Dungeon mags and havn't liked anything yet I found. All I looked at was the 3D ones I had. Still have about 4 to go through. They are cheating people now. All the ones I've seen only have 3 adventures and then articles now. The old ones had 4-6 adventures and no real articles. Makes me think they should cut back some things in Dragon if they can't fit the articles in their. I can't find any real adventures eitehr. I remember when they came plastic wrapped. Going to look online for some. maybe the stores around here don't have a lot in that department.
But all in all things are moving along and I'm almost ready to start.

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