Jürgen Hubert (jhubert) wrote in dnd3e,
Jürgen Hubert

The d20 NPCs Wiki is now open!

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I have become increasingly frustrated with D&D because it takes too much damn time to write up NPCs for it - especially high-level NPCs and spellcasters. While the math involved in creating NPCs is not especially complicated, there is a lot of it, and it all gets rather repetitive and boring after a while. These end up being a major part of the adventure design process, and I'd really rather spend that time on other matters (such as drawing decent maps for a change...).

Thus, I have created the d20 NPCs Wiki, which I hope becomes a central repository for all kinds of NPCs and advanced monsters. As of this writing, there are no NPCs yet (I got the approval for it at work, and all my NPC stats are back at my apartment), but I will upload my collection later this evening. Feel free to add your own stat blocks in the meantime...

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