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OK I'm new here. Havne't played D&D in about 5 years (I think). Actually I never played. Went to a comic book store where they had all their D&D stuff 50% off and got the books. My group decided since it was my idea I needed to be the DM. I had to learn it all at once. Interesting but fun. I loved every minute of it. It's the writer in me. I could never be just a player in this. I HAVE to know what's going on at all times. Played for about a year and then summer hit and we were too hot to play and things fizzled out. never could get the group back. All these years later and my brother-in-law (that I never thought would want to play again) asked if we were going to. that was it for me. At the time I quit getting my Dragon mags (not too long after 3 came out) I had decided if we ever played again it would be second edition. Well I changed my mind after all these years. I have a 3.0 Players Handbook and Monster Manual and 3.5 Dm guide (no 3.0 to be found). I even have a D20 treasure quest book to help with quests (funny thing is I bought it about 2 years ago still thinking we'd never play again). So in a few weeks I will be starting a new campaign with new characters (although not new players except for maybe one or two) and I can't wait. Just needed a place to put my questions and to get help when I get stuck since it's been so long. SO hello there. nice to find a community that looks good.

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