September 1st, 2009


So I'm trying to get this Rotating DM game going and I ask my wife the other day what kind of class she wants to play. Druid. I even convince her that with this druid, can she try Wild Shaping, as the last time I let her trade in Wild Shape uses for additional spells per day things went a little...crazy (*Cue flashback of a mad fairy Finger of Deathing everything in sight*).

I ask her what kind of race she wants to play. A bee-person. With a stinger that would kill her if she uses it. And a bee animal companion. My wife, god bless her, has the strangest whims sometimes.

So, this is my efforts to throw together a bee-people race that I call Apials. I'm wondering if I've got them a little too weak or too strong or just right. So, your thoughts?

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Hiro from Heroes

d20 modern character ideas

I'm playing in a d20 modern game set in the fallout universe and my character died so I would like some ideas on on what to do for a creative new character.  my first character was a strong hero / soldier who used melee weapons.  my  second character was a strong / tough hero that used melee weapons. 

in our party we have a fast hero / gunslinger who does the stealing and long range / short range fighting.  we have a dedicated hero that is the healer.  we have a dedicated hero (i think) who is good with computer use, structural and mechanical repairs, makes his own weapons, and makes his own bullets from shells.   we also have a hero that is an investigator i think?  we also have a tank character that is a strong hero.

I'm thinking about doing a martial artists but i'm concerned about not doing very much damage, and not sure what path i would take to get to the martial artists advanced classed.

so based on what ive said, i'm looking for advice on a fun different character to play than what i've played before and one that will help the group.