May 25th, 2009

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Reworking magic in 3.5 (Part 1 of my Home Rules)

Hey there,

New to this community and I have got the DM itch real bad. I used to DM back in the 2nd edition days and had a really good grasp on it. I didn't need any of the books. Then 3rd came out, I went to college and D and D died for a bit.

I moved a few months back and have went from a regular gaming group to nothing so I am once again taking up the DM mantle so I can get some of my friends around here to play.

As such, coming from my first successful and long term stint as a PC, (we got to level 15 after 5 months of Friday night D and D) I was able to ascertain some things I wanted to do for my campaign. I will be releasing these in parts and hope that I can get some feedback on them, seeing as how I am a natural DM it is hard for me to criticize my own points.

1. We were not allowed to use Wizards or Sorcerers as characters because the world we were set in was trying to outlaw magic and there was a magic user holocaust, (That it is way easier DM without having to take into account the massive amounts of tinkering an arcane spell user can do to your game). Because of this I thought, well how can we balance out the magic system. I thought about it and came up with some ideas. In my game, I wanted every character to be available. People like customization and lots of choices, even if they know they might not use them, see Salad Bars, map editors for pc strategy games, etc... So I have developed a new spell book and and getting rid of the "spell level" chart in the player's handbook. Instead magic will be more like an economic system. You spend mana, and keep somatic elements, to cast spells. (More Below cut)

2. Upper Level economics and the gold standard is a very shaky proposition. As characters become ludicrously wealthy, their motivation for adventuring for payment becomes less and less important. Our DM introduced an economics system that I helped to spurn along out of necessity and his wanting to get our upkeep(buying new items, seeing lovers, pit fighting, bar fights, etc.) part of the adventure over with. As such I will be putting out my house rules for improved economics and money standard as well in another post.

3. The world map I am going to be using is going to be a map of earth. The geography will be the same and the time period will be around 950 CE. The thing will be that due to magic technology and innovation is ahead of its time. Populations are going to me metropolitan than rural with almost modern sized populations in cities. This will allow for the wilderness feel of most adventures but will allow for the large amount race specification and kingdom army sizes. As such it will effect game play in three ways. I will be using real religions for characters to choose from, and there will be a lot more PC races to choose from. I will go into my setting and how race, religion, and geographic location can affect your character.

Anyway here is my 3.5 spellbook, in progress:

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