May 20th, 2009

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Hi. :)

I am looking for a map builder program online for my D&D campaign. I don't want super duper features, just please make it easy to use. And please don't recommend MapTool or ProFantasy Fractal Terrains - I've downloaded both of those and can't make sense of them. :(

Thanks so much!


Here I am fishing for ideas again, this time for good names for things.

First: an up and rising thieves guild. Uses lots of magic combined with stealth to do all kinds of nasty. I think actually led by a highly leveled kobold (though no one realizes it--the guild is mostly human) [Actually, if anyone has an idea for a neat template to add to a kobold to make it interesting/scary, I'd be interested. Note that the group has not encountered kobolds at all yet (level 7), so how they fit in the world is up for grabs.]

Anyway, I'm trying to come up with a sinister sounding name. I was thinking something like "Strikers" or along those lines, but I'm not sure. I liked the idea of having a lightning bolt as a mark, so that might do something (though the "Bolts" doesn't quite work I don't think). Something involving an "eye" motif might also throw the party, as I have expressed my love of beholders many times ;p

Second: a term to refer to the set of magical artifact McGuffins that will likely be the focus of the next few levels of the game. The idea is these are giant rock/crystal (like 3' in diameter, and shaped like an icosahedron), which were created long ago etc. They were involved in a huge conflict between the Dragons and the Celestials/Demons, with the Dragons basically winning and sealing up the outsiders (and subsequently taken over the world). However, the stones are hidden where the Dragons can't currently get at them--so they were likely used against the Dragons (the current priests are trying to get the stones in order to reopen the seal on Heaven&Hell). I haven't quite decided on the exact history yet (and am open for suggestions).

But I need a cool name for the dying priest to mumble and set the PCs on the quest. I keep thinking of something like "Tears of -name-", but I'm not sure I like that idea.

So any thoughts? What is a cool name for a McGuffin and for a scary thieves' guild?