December 3rd, 2008

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Combat House Rules

So, I've been thinking about ways to make BAB more of a meaningful feature of a character. After all, spellcasting classes trade it for magic. (A 17th-level wizard can cast Wish (or Time Stop, or Power Word Kill), has 4 bonus feats, a BAB of +8, and can make two attacks in a full-attack action. A 17th-level fighter has 9 fighter bonus feats, a +17 BAB, and can make four attacks with a full-attack action (seven with the TWF feat tree). The power level is clearly not equivalent.) One BAB-based concept I'm thinking of incorporating is "the edge", as described in post #7 of this thread on the Wizards boards. It represents the relatively greater skill of an opponent who's put more time & effort into martial training.

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Questions, comments, and suggestions appreciated.