December 1st, 2008

Dr00d Build

Human Druid 8/SwordSage 2/Cleric 1/Ruby Knight Vindicator 9

Druid with shape shifting variant from PHB II.

1-Sacred Vow
1 Racial - Vow of Poverty
1 Exalted - Golden Ice
3- Shape Soulmeld Mantle of Fire
6- Shape Soulmeld Sphinx Claws
9- Open Least Chakra Hands

Sphinx claws at 9th level give pounce like ability, plus Girrilion's Blessing spell(from SpC), plus druid's 8th level shapeshift for pounce with a claw,claw,claw,claw,bite attack every turn I attack (either 5 foot step and full attack or charge and full attack.)
On rounds that I don't attack I can swift shapeshift out, cast a spell, expend a turn attempt for another swift action (from RKV) and swift shapeshift back if I really need the extra HP and AC (though with VOP I'm doubting this will be needed often.)
The reason for VOP is that with the shifting varient for Druid your magic items don't carry over into your new form, and since I will be spending most of my time shifted, I'm finding that magic items are teh suck for me, so VOP it is! Bess option for me anyways.

What do you think? Any additional ideas?

EDIT: Changed Augment summoning to mantle of fire, as I forgot AS needs Spell Focus as a prereq.