September 8th, 2008

Good Monk Build?

Good Monk Build?

In my game, my girlfriend is playing a monk, she's already 4th level but we're using the retraining optional rule from the ph2, so that's not a big deal.

The killer thing is her stats. We did point buy, and her lack of int and dex makes her unable to take some feats that would other wise kick ass.


(She hasn't distributed her +1 stats bonus for being 4th level yet.)

For feats right now she has Imporved Init (1st) and versatile strike (3rd)

Anyone know of anything she should take or any ideas for what prestige class she should do?

She plans on grabbing a level of fighter for the feat and d10 (naming it as her half-elven favored class) at some point, and putting her 4th level ability point into str.

I suggested taking wild talent and bulking up on psionics.

Any ideas?