April 26th, 2008


4e changeover

so who's planning on changing over? i've already pre-ordered my 4th edition books. i like change, i like new things, and what i've read about the new system seems pretty cool. there are other things i've seen about it that i dislike, the trimmed down skill system in particular. i suppose there's no knowing what 4e will be like until it comes out.

but while i enjoy trying new things and i've already ordered my 4e books, i really enjoy 3.5, and we have a couple ongoing 3.5 games that i don't think would benefit form trying to change rules sets in midstream. i have no doubt that we'll end up playing something in 4e when it comes out. while the group i'm in really hasn't discussed it i don't think any of us plan to stop playing 3.5 any time soon.

what about everyone else? what do you think of what you've seen about 4e and do you think you'll switch over?