April 1st, 2008


Paizo to support 3.5

This news is a few weeks old already, but Paizo plans to keep supporting 3.5E for a while according to the Pathfinder news page. Since WOTC won't be printing new 3.5 core books once 4.0 is out, Paizo also plans to release "Pathfinder RPG", which is essentially a core rule book with 3.5 rules. There will, of course, be 4E conversion guides/materials, so we will hopefully get the best of both worlds.

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D&D Name change promotion!

Wizards of the Coast have a fantastic new promotional idea that they're rolling out today ... yes, today, look at the date.. erm, so yes, official details here

Also worth checking out their newly redesigned D&D site, in anticipation of 4e.


(ps, if anyone else sees any "good" date related shenannigans, please do leave a comment pointing me in their general direction :))
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New errata

New errata is out for the PHB& MM, of which, only this makes sense:

Page 71-72 – Diplomacy [Substitution]
Replace text with “Roll for initiative.”

Page 74 – Forgery [Substitution]
Replace text with “You actually trained in this skill? Well, roll for initiative.”

Page 74 – Gather Information [Substitution]
Replace text with “Roll for initiative.”

Page 81 – Sense Motive [Substitution]
Replace text with “Roll for initiative.”

Have fun! =P