February 22nd, 2008


Living Dragonstar

Anyone out there ever play in this Living Campaign? I remember playing a fighter (or was it a soldier) in a few cons, and there was a plot point that I never got caught up on and it's been edging at my mind for years. It was one of two Living Campaigns (the other was Living Kalamar) that I regret not keeping up to date on.

There was this great module called "Vae Victus" where the climax was pure RP. The party was supposed to prevent the Ithcon (illithid) from opening a planar gate whose width was measured in light years, and it came down to a decision that, if implemented, would kill several hundred million people (basically blow up the planet). This was a critical point for the campaign. If a majority of the tables playing this at Gencon... 200? (the first one in Indy) allowed the gate to open, then it would be an official campaign event.

For my table, my character (Adrian Shepard) drew his sidearm on party members in an effort to press the button, but the wizard had initiative and nailed him with a Sleep spell.

Does anyone know if the gate officially opened?