January 18th, 2008


Low-LA Flying Races?

Does anyone know of any well-balanced flying races with a low LA other than the Raptorans from RotW? I'm trying to find/make a decent vanilla angel race for a homebrew setting - wings, innate Light ability, etc. All I've found so far is that giving a race another mode of movement (flying/burrowing/etc) should add a +1 LA. I can't figure out what speed or maneuverability this would confer, though.

My best guess so far would be to give the race Fly - 30'(good), Light 2/day (open palm only), and a couple other minor benefits, and call it a +1 LA. While flight and light are ways around quite a few limitations, especially low-level ones, that still seems a little underpowered. Obviously, I've never made a race/template before. Suggestions and constructive criticism are appreciated. :)