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D&D 3E
Campain Mapping - Call for Volunteer(s) 
31st-May-2005 10:34 am
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If you do any interior or exterior mapping (such as through Campaign Cartographer or any other program), or illustrate landscapes or buildings, please read the following call for volunteers.

Three other DMs and myself are creating a campaign setting called "Two Moons Academy," a massive school for heroes. The school provides training for all character classes up through tenth level, as well as graduate studies in prestige classes and further training in core classes. The academy's campus is quite large, though the exact logistics haven't been decided yet. The campus needs to be large enough to serve several thousand students with facilities for each core class, i.e. chapels for each deity for clerics, arenas for fighting classes, assorted natural areas for druids, performance halls for bards, arcane laboratories for wizards, and so on and so forth. It will also include dormitories, faculty facilities, dining halls, common rooms, etc.

What we would like is one or more designers to create the maps for the campus and one or more illustrators to create images of the campus. We will need interior and exterior maps, and drawings based on them and other images of the campus. This is essentially a chance for a creative mapper to create a magnificent set of designs and a creative illustrator to envision views of this magnificent campus and its facilities. Arenas, dungeons, training grounds, arcane structures, classrooms, nearly every type of building you can imagine will be included on this campus.

As far as recompense is concerned, there are a few stages to consider. The first stage of this project is simply for our own use and benefit. I will be designing and formatting a PDF of the campaign setting during various points of its completion, including maps and illustrations, which will be distributed to each DM as well as to anyone else who contributed to the project. The reward for our time and effort will be an awesome, completed project we can all be proud of and enjoy in our own campaigns. Every single person who provides to this project will receive recognition in the book, and anyone who illustrates can add a copyright marking or signature to every single design included to add to their recognition.

I know, spending twenty or thirty hours in front of a computer for zero moolah, there are much better uses of your time. That's why once this is really, heavily underway, I plan to contact and submit to several publishers, such as Mongoose, Malhavoc Press, and White Wolf. If all goes according to plan, we will have a professionally published campaign setting, out there in gaming stores. Something to really be proud of. Granted, no one makes much money off of these ordeals, but I don't believe that's the point. After all, who of us hasn't spent tons of money on books, dice, and whatnot to play this game simply because we love it?

Regardless, if you are interested in participating in this project, please write me at averykrouse(at)gmail.com with something in the subject line about Two Moons Academy, Academy, TMA, whatever. If you have any samples of your map design or illustration that you can send (in JPEG or whatever format), that would be super as well, but not necessary.

Thanks and have a great day!
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