November 23rd, 2007

Translucent Rainbow Glitter Dice

Hi everyone,

Hopefully someone here might be able to help a gamer in need.

For Christmas my girlfriend wants nothing more than a set of dice she saw years ago.

They were translucent with rainbow glitter inside. I have found sets that are just translucent or translucent with one color glitter but nothing exactly as she wanted. I checked Chessex's website to no avail.

Can anyone good at searching find them or any tips to point me in the right direction?

matt, summer, gardens

Midnight setting info?

Hey folks,

What books in the Midnight line-up are good for exploring the setting of the game?

I'm not really looking for new/expanded d20 material (although it is fine if that is also part of the product), but I'm mostly looking for information on the characters, lands, history and other elements that describe the world of Midnight as a setting.