November 19th, 2007


Thoughts about encounters...

Since we were talking about encounter mechanics to some degree in Colin's thread, I thought I'd elaborate on the subject here. As always, civil discussion is welcome, and what's worked for me may not work for you. I'm not responsible if this post gives your first/next born child strange mutant powers.

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Question about magic items

I'm running a one-shot campaign on New Years, and I have a question about an item that one of my players wants to have. (He's a known powergamer, so I want to think very carefully before I let him have it.)

Basically, he wants a ring that will cast the spell Shield. (As opposed to the Ring of Force Shield.) Here's the full text of his request:

Last, as a simple matter of convenience, I would like
to create a unique magic item -- a Ring of Shield, as
the spell cast by a 1st-level caster. This would
require a cost of spell level (1) times caster level
(1) x 2000 gp, doubled because the duration of the
Shield spell is 1 min/level. It would be a standard
action to activate, just like casting the spell, but
would save me from having to use the Divine Magician
alternate Cleric to have access to that spell, which
would improve my abilities as Party Healing Bitch, as
I would then be able to access the Healing Domain.

Is there anything here I should be wary of? I'm assuming he means 1/day "Shield" effect.