November 3rd, 2007

Grinning Revi!  ^_^

Problems with Tome of Battle and Campaign -- warning, rant ahead

Describing exactly what I didn't like about ToB, and what I think the DM in the game I was in did wrong with it, is a rather difficult thing for me, since I am still relatively new to D&D in general, and am quite unfamiliar with Tome of Battle. Something about the whole thing struck me as wrong, to be honest. I think part of this may be my sense that, as cool as anime is, it's not something that really belongs in a fantasy roleplaying game. Also, there is the stubborn attachment to the notion that the Fighter can be just as good as a Wizard or Cleric at higher levels. While many people here and elsewhere hold this notion to be a myth, it is one that, in spite of some evidence to the contrary, I still hold on to.

Also, I think that I may not have a problem with Tome of Battle itself so much as what was done with it. highbulp suggested this possibility. It is also possible that, even if the DM was using Tome of Battle correctly, more or less, I still had a problem with the campaign in general, thus souring my opinion of everything in it.

So, on to the evidence.
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