October 16th, 2007


Question about evil humanoid-like people.

I say humanoid-like because it doesn't necessarily have to have the humanoid subtype.

Anyway, I'm in a bit of a pickle. Usually, I just make up monsters completely from scratch - thus, I'm not very familiar with D&D monsters (and there are entirely too many MMs to search through). This time though, I actually need a creature that is recognizable as evil.

Here's the summary.
The campaign world is primarily based on the six elements - Water (LG), Fire (CE), Air (CG), Earth (LE), Light (TN), and Dark (TN). There are orbs representing at least four of these - the four classical ones. The water orb, however, has been stolen by a being that is capable of actually directly accessing its true power and has royally screwed over the planet as a result of that - along the lines of tainting all of the water on the planet where anyone with a Good alignment needs to have the water blessed or heavily diluted with something like alcohol.
That part is unrelated though. What IS related is that the party (who was actually directly responsible for the above event) is going to be trying to obtain the Air orb themselves so they can hope to fight against the being with the Water orb.

What does this have to do with my question? Well, the High Priest of Air is of an originally evil origin. Something that is obviously evil and NOT a freaking Drow. For an example of the type of thing I was thinking of, a succubus (I threw out that idea for other reasons though). I want the PCs to distrust this person, at least a little bit.

Must be some race that is either nearly always evil or always evil. I don't care whether that is LE, NE, or CE - however, LE and CE would probably work better.
Must be some race that is humanoid in appearance - nothing larger than medium or smaller than small, not looking grossly disfigured, et cetera.
Must be intelligent. The being is going to have a very large amount of int and wisdom, bare minimum.
Preferably something with a low LA. I try to make NPCs the way people make PCs and not hand wave over the rules unless it is something minor. However, if it does have a high LA, at least having it be a creature that I could conceivably knock out some abilities to drop the LA. For instance, dropping several of the Succubus abilities and reducing the hit die. The reason is that it is going to have a very large number of Cleric or Cleric-like levels, and I'd prefer it being sub-epic (or at most marginally epic).

Anyone have any suggestions?
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I knwo this is a little off-topic, but I figure that there are enougn MMO gamers out there to let this slide. If anything, it cancels out my Eightfold Path entry, bring me down to neutral.

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